The Collaborative Alliance

On Sept. 16th in New York City at The Helen Mills Theater, MPG & MediaContacts, Havas siblings, will stage its quarterly forum, The Collaborative Alliance, where content creators, technologists, distributors and researchers meet to vet their interactive televisual propositions (television, broadband, wireless and out of home).

Its mission is to provide media professionals, advertisers and their agencies in attendance with the opportunity to make sure they "get it right" so that the applications developed meet the specific needs of marketers in their quest to provide the best possible platform for their messaging and consumer engagement. The technologists, distributors and researchers contribute engineering time, resources/content and technological wizardry to create prototypical models for the venture. In exchange, they ask that those who attend the forum contribute brainpower (marketing and media) and assets (video and branded).

The aim of The Collaborative Alliance is to help navigate the future of the consumer and advertiser relationship within the evolving televisual landscape. If you are curious about its evolution or wish to attend -- food for thought and stomach -- please let me know (





With help from Dish Network, Google has been aggregating television data describing second by second tuning behavior for millions of set top boxes for several thousand TV ads airing daily. Based upon this raw material, Google has been conducting extensive analyses to determine how viewers react to advertising on television and how this reaction informs the media community about the appeal of those ads to the TV viewer. Dan Zigmond, Engineering Manager and Technical, Google TV Ads, will share learnings about how to improve the relevance of TV advertising and ultimately, retain TV viewership during commercial breaks.


Verizon's Director of Advertising Sales Jason Malamud will discuss recent enhancements to its FiOS TV service including dynamic ad insertion on Video on Demand and DVD-based interactive video portals as well as share preliminary discoveries from charter advertiser campaigns.


New York-based marketing company Simulmedia is developing data modeling and predictive technologies to deliver the right TV program promotional announcement to the right television viewer at the right time. CEO Dave Morgan will discuss the company's performance focused platform that automates the delivery of provable incremental TV viewership.

EBIF 101

Etv Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) is soon to be ubiquitous. What is it. Where did it come from. Why is it needed. And how will it dramatically transform the TV advertising environment. Navic's Matt Emans (VP, Product Management), Alcatel Lucent's Mark Janes (Business Development, Marketing Director) and Biap's Richard O-Gorman (General Manager, Advanced Advertising Products) will provide their insights into its evolution and ubiquity.

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