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Holding Brands Hostage

Lisa Barone, in her outspoken way, tells the tale of how Seth Godin tried out brandjacking through a program called Brand in Public. She writes that Seth "has sent his team of goblins out to register your Brands in Public company page for you, fill it with scraped content (blog posts, tweets, Google News, Trends, etc) and then lock it down so that you have absolutely no way to touch or control it." Well, that's unless you pay him, according to Barone.

It turns out that about 48 hours after Barone wrote the post, Godin changed his position on Brands in Public, making the system opt-in, rather than opt-out. More than 150 comments have been posted on the Outspoken Media blog related to the topic since Barone wrote and posted her thoughts on the subject.



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