The Collaborative Alliance

On Dec. 2nd  in New York City at The Helen Mills Theater, MPG, MediaContacts and Havas siblings, will stage its quarterly forum, The Collaborative Alliance, where content creators, technologists, distributors and researchers meet to vet their interactive televisual propositions (television, broadband, wireless and out of home).

Its mission is to provide media professionals, advertisers and their agencies in attendance with the opportunity to make sure they "get it right" so that the applications developed meet the specific needs of marketers in their quest to provide the best possible platform for their messaging and consumer engagement. The technologists, distributors and researchers contribute engineering time, resources/content and technological wizardry to create prototypical models for the venture. In exchange, they ask that those who attend the forum contribute brainpower (marketing and media) and assets (video and branded).

The aim of The Collaborative Alliance is to help navigate the future of the consumer and advertiser relationship within the evolving televiusal landscape. If you are curious about its evolution or wish to attend our lunchtime gathering (12n-2pm) - food for thought and stomach - please let me know ( 





ESPN's SVP, Research & Analytics, Artie Bulgrin will provide an overview of the Disney Media and Advertising Lab, which is located in Austin, Texas, and share examples of how the emerging media lab has enhanced the company's approach to studying the emotional drivers of audience behavior and physiological reactions to content and advertising across multi-platforms.



Kevin McGurn, VP National Advertising Sales, will share learnings on the growth of online premium video, Hulu's ad performance and audience engagement. Also, the Huluian will discuss planning and buying online video as a compliment to television using traditional GRP metrics.


NBC Universal

Janet Gallent, VP of Consumer Insights & Innovation Research at NBC Universal, will share the results of a biometric research study that demonstrates how and why consumers remember commercials seen in fast-forward mode and offer advertisers suggestions on how to optimize their creative in a fast-forwarding digital video recording/ on demand environ.



YCD's Vice President, Business Development & Client Services, Josh Kampel, will demonstrate how new technologies, specifically facial recognition, will offer marketers the opportunity to deliver relevant advertising based on demographic information.



The Set Top measurement realm is clicking. Not referring to the zillions of streams daily but rather every couple of weeks for the last few months another company - whether researcher, dataminer, technologist, manufacturer, and/or vested third party such as advertisers, advertising agencies, and content providers - is jumping into the fray or what one might have perceived months ago, frolicking with consensual strange bedfellows. This panel will provide some directional guidance that the media community can utilize to move forward to help it in its quest to eventually standardize digital set top audience measurement and reportage. Participants:

  • Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (Colleen Fahey Rush, EVP, Strategic Insights & Research)
  • Collaborative Alliance Set Top Box Think Tank (Ed DeNicolae, Sheryl Feldinger, Frank Foster, Charlene Weisler and Dave Zarnow)
  • National Cable Communications (Ken Little, COO)
  • Nielsen Funded Council of Research Excellence (Patricia Liguori, SVP, Research & Electronic Measurement, ABC Owned TV Stations)
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