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As The Four Tops Crooned, It's The Same Old Song

Wow. Ho, boy. They went and did it again. Speaking of jingles, remember the guy who made a YouTube video about United Airlines breaking his guitar and then giving him the royal runaround about it? Well, he's gotten all sorts of speaking engagements as a result of the incident, now that he's a freshly dubbed guru of customer service and all.

And so it was that David Carroll travelled from his home in Saskatchewan to Denver on Sunday to speak to a group of customer service execs. After deplaning, however, he was told he'd have to stay in the international baggage claims area for an hour so that his "delayed" bag could catch up with him. It didn't. The show went on, but Carroll didn't have any CDs of his song to distribute.

Christine Negroni writes that Carroll was reunited with his bags yesterday morning and that United says it "will fully investigate what regretfully happened."

We re-report; you cook up the conspiracy theories.



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