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Scoble: Twitter Trumps Google Reader

Google Reader has at least one detractor in blogger and ex-Microsoft employee Robert Scoble. Scoble, who says he used to be Google's Reader's "biggest user" -- literally, he claims the Google Reader team told him once that he shared more items than anyone else -- has all but given up the service for Twitter. Why? It's "FREAKING SLOW"; its user interface is "too confusing"; it makes him feel guilty ("I have 1,000 unread items. Twitter doesn't tell me that."); the social network features "suck"; news appears faster on Twitter; headline scanning is easier, "and more interesting for some reason" in Twitter; and iPhone apps are much more robust and better for sharing and retweeting. As if that weren't enough, Scoble then goes on to laud Twitter's new List features, and even names his favorites.

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