The Growing List of SUPERSTITIAL Users

Unicast's SUPERSTITIAL rich media ad format is growing in popularity, with an addition of a number of new sites that have become certified partners.

Certified partner sites are integrated to accept the format and licensed to sell it to advertisers and agencies.

The company announced the addition of,, Nickelodeon Online properties and, Snowball Networks properties ChickClick,, and, Terra Lycos properties Raging Bull, and, and Walt Disney Internet Group properties,,,,,, Mr. Showbiz and Wall of Sound.

Also added to the roster were B2BWorks, Clear Channel Interactive, CondéNet properties,, and Swoon;, and

The additions are testament to the general acceptance of the format, with all kinds of sites using it. "Advertisers want to be able to go anywhere and the benefit is that we are standardized across all kinds of properties," says Allie Shaw, Unicast's vice president of global marketing.

She says over 350 sites now serve SUPERSTITIALs.

She also notes that 90 percent of SUPERSTITIAL users are traditional advertisers and 85 percent of them repeat.

The new sites add SUPERSTITIALs to their rate card and work with SUPERSTITIAL to sell it. Shaw says the company offers training programs to the sales staffs of new sites, helping them learn how to sell SUPERSTITIALs to advertisers and agencies.

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