E-Marketing Certification to Debut in Utah Public Schools

  • May 23, 2001
The eMarketing Association (eMA) has announced the first e-marketing certification program for students. The Certified eMarketing Associate program (CeMA) will debut throughout Utah high schools this year.

Robert Fleming, president of the eMarketing Association, said: “This is a significant event in marketing education. There are over 350 technical certifications available in many of our nation's high schools and colleges; the addition of an e-marketing certification recognizes the importance of Internet marketing competency in the digital economy.”

He added, “It is fairly obvious recent failures in the Internet sector were not due to poor technology but rather untested marketing and commerce practices. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the future marketers in this country are proficient in e-marketing practices, techniques and strategies.”

The program involves students completing an online e-course to prepare for a 75-question examination covering all aspects of e-marketing and online/offline marketing integration. There is a significant increase in companies marketing on the Internet, yet very few credentialed marketers.

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