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Does Windows 7 Ape Mac OS X?

Microsoft is categorically denying accusations that its new Windows 7 operating system in any way copies, or was even inspired by, Mac OS X. Not helping matters are rumors floating around the Web that Microsoft's UK partner Group Manager Simon Aldous said his company basically created "a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics" in its Windows 7 operating system.

Admitting the authenticity of the quote, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc is slamming Aldous for what LeBlanc's calling an "inaccurate" characterization." He adds, "Unfortunately, this came from a Microsoft employee who was not involved in any aspect of designing Windows 7.... I hate to say this about one of our own, but his comments were inaccurate and uninformed."

The Register isn't buying Microsoft's spin on this issue, noting: "We at Vulture Towers interpret Microsoft's latest PR fiasco thusly: no shit Sherlock, Windows 7 apes Mac OS X."

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