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Feathers Will Fly: McDonald's Chicken-Slaughter Study Ready

McDonald's commissioned a study of the way its suppliers slaughter chickens after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals launched a "McCruelty" campaign last winter to try to get the chain to use a method used in Europe -- gassing -- that it purports to be more humane than the predominant routine used here. That would be zapping the birds with a jolt of electricity and then cutting their throats.

Mike Hughlett reports that McDonald's study, which should be released this week, finds that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that "controlled atmosphere stunning" is a better option than stunning with electricity. "Whether [chickens] suffer or not is an open question," says Bob Langert, McDonald's vp for corporate social responsibility.

PETA says in a statement that it believes McDonald's conclusions are "highly questionable," although it has yet to see the company's report. If you think we've heard the end of this, you probably believe that the Christmas controversy (see above) has been put to rest, too.



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