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Wilson On Carr On Industry's Fate

Regarding David Carr's post, "The Fall and Rise Of Media," Fred Wilson, pointing out that it was he who gave Carr his start in New York media, says he believes the move from a "velvet rope model" to a meritocracy is a good thing, and that the new media business we are building in the wake of the old one will be a better media business; "leaner, faster, and controlled more by users than media moguls."

Yet, along with the "gut wrenching" and "upsetting" impact the industry's transformation is having on career journalists, Wilson says he has also "watched many reinvent themselves and come out in a better place too ... Change is inevitable and we are better off embracing it than fighting it." Quoting Carr, Wilson writes, "'It's a wan reminder that all reigns are temporary'", adding "This one will be as well. So let's get on with it."



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