Zoloft Wins First EthicAd Award

  • June 19, 2001
The non-profit organization, EthicAd, formally announced the Zoloft direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising campaign as the recipient of the first EthicAd Recognition Award. This award recognizes outstanding DTC campaigns that make a positive contribution toward public health. According to Dr. Michael Shaw, Executive Director of EthicAd, "This award is not given as a competition, but as a means of recognizing outstanding achievement in the design and implementation of DTC advertising." EthicAd is an independent organization whose members include leaders from the academic healthcare community. EthicAd's goal is to collaborate with consumer groups, FDA, pharmaceutical industry and the advertising community to focus upon increasing the public health benefits from DTC advertising. The EthicAd Recognition Award is given to DTC advertisements that demonstrate innovation and/or exemplary quality consistent with the EthicAd ideals for DTC.
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