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The Paradox Of The 'Important Tweet'

If you were feeling all warm and fuzzy toward Twitter these days, a precursory read of BuzzMarketing Daily's Top 10 Most Important Tweets of 2009 may sway you back toward the "microblogging is a pointless waste of time" camp. According to the list, the biggest benefit of Twitter is that it gives people a place to talk about, well, Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg and Google make the list because, well, they tweeted something (though Google achieved dork ecstasy by typing out "I'm Feeling Lucky" in binary code).

Ashton Kutcher comes in at No. 2 for tweeting "Victory is ours!!!!!!" when he beat out CNN to 1 million followers. And Oprah makes the list, because, yes, she tweeted. (Though it should be noted that she tweeted in all caps like your dad learning to use a computer for the first time and akwardly mashing the keys.)

Sure, sure, there's the astronaut who made the list because he tweeted from space. According to the list, the most important tweet of the year came from @BarackObama after the inauguration, which we are sure is so totally the POTUS and not a press aid.

But perhaps the most important tweet that didn't make the list? That came from @THE_REAL_SHAQ: "@oprah ur caps r on, btw."

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