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Poll: Consumers Won't Pay For News Online

  • CNet, Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:22 PM
Don't ask Rupert Murdoch to care, but a new Harris poll finds that, among more than 2,000 online adults surveyed, 77% said they wouldn't pay a dime to read a newspaper's stories online. Among those willing to pay, meanwhile, 19% said they could only imagine parting with between $1 and $10 a month, while only 5% would shell out more than $10 each month.

The poll also showed what many newspapers have already seem first hand: that readership of traditional news is steadily dropping. Indeed, just 43% of the people surveyed said they read a newspaper each day, either in print or online, while about 72% reported reading a paper once a week. A full 81% reported reading only once a month, while 10% said they never read a newspaper.

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