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Is Owl AOL's Wikipedia-Killer?

At least according to TechCrunch, AOL is nurturing a Wikipedia-killer named Owl, but which is official being described as "a living, breathing library where useful knowledge, opinions and images are posted from experts the world over." TechCrunch further speculates that Owl is really a "testbed" for Seed -- AOL's new low-cost content management system for soliciting articles and photographs for its network of existing Websites. On that last point, AOL responded: "Owl was developed last year as one site that could publish content from Seed on a wide range of topics ... It is not currently being used, however."

Owl is expected to crowdsource freelance work from "experts" who submit articles about movies, books, health, sports, money, parenting, computers, and other topics -- an "expert," according to TechCrunch, being anyone who gets approved through Seed.

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