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For Apple, Loose Lips Sink Partner-Ships

Break Apple's infamous code of silence at your own risk. Harold "Terry" McGraw III learned that lesson the hard way this week by blabbing about Apple's iPad a full day ahead of schedule. As a result, according to VentureBeat, Steve Jobs removed any mention of the McGraw-Hill publishing company from the partnership portion of his iPad presentation Wednesday afternoon.

"Yes, they'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one," McGraw told CNBC on air, before revealing additional details about the companies' partnership, the iPad's operating system, and its broader e-books strategy. Insiders tell VentureBeat that as soon as Terry "shot his mouth off" on CNBC, Jobs had the company cut from the presentation. "We won't know for a few weeks if McGraw was only wrist-slapped, or if he's been thrown out of the game."

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