How MySpace Wired The 21st Century's First Transistor Radio


As everything in the online universe converges into one giant multimedia puddin', the big social networks have become online audio companies, allowing their members to share musical tastes, buy songs, listen to streaming audio from third parties, and probably dozens of other forms of interaction with music we haven't even imagined yet (stab in the dark: an application that allows you to draw pictures showing how your friend's playlist makes you feel. Someone must be doing this somewhere, right?).

It was only a matter of time before the social networks became audio advertisers, and verily, it hath come to pass: MySpace announced a deal earlier this week making TargetSpot, one of the big online audio ad brokers, the exclusive ad sales representative for MySpace audio ads.

The ads are a new feature on MySpace Music, and will be inserted into all manner of audio consumption facilitated by the site, including personal music players and user and artist playlists. TargetSpot already has deals with online audio platforms like AOL, CBS, Yahoo, Slacker, and Live 365.

So yes, we know what you are thinking: "All this flashy new technology! We are all connected by the music and the words coming out of our shiny little boxes. The future is here now -- and it is radio."

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