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Chernin In Search Of Cable Buy

Eight months after leaving the News Corp. executive suite, Peter Chernin has put together an A-list team to help him run his new company -- Chernin Entertainment. He's assembled a top team of former studio executives and business development pros. Now he's on the lookout for a cable channel to buy, according to one well-placed source.

Fuse may be a possible candidate for purchase -- and could be revamped into a general-interest network. If he is looking for a film library, some are on the block. Disney is trying to unload Miramax, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is in need of a new owner. Chernin already has sniffed around MGM, but didn't immediately whip out a checkbook. One thing is clear: Chernin has millions at the ready when he goes shopping.



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