Another New Ad Medium

  • August 20, 2001
DirectCast Network, LLC, a media development company, has developed and introduced a new advertising concept called “directcasting” that allows advertisers to deliver audio messages directly to consumers, virtually at the point of sale.

DirectCast's first product, the FuelingTalker is an audio point-of-purchase device that the company installs on fuel pump nozzles at gasoline stations with convenience stores. The FuelingTalker units play a mix of entertainment, commercial messages, and public service announcements while consumers refuel. DirectCast's PumpRadio Network “directcasts” this programming to the FuelingTalker units at numerous fueling locations in a market area, creating a stand-alone network that allows advertisers cost- effective yet targeted reach.

The latest DirectCast product, the CarTalker, is an interactive device specifically designed for car dealers to communicate with customers whenever dealer sales people are busy or unavailable -- or when customers prefer to browse by themselves. The compact device attaches to a vehicle window, allowing dealers to record and place a one- to two-minute message about a particular vehicle or group of vehicles. Customers can activate an audio message and are encouraged to record questions or comments, and contact information.



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