More Ways To Do It

More Ways To Do It

In the strictest sense of the word, this research is not about metrics, but is useful in defining the categories in which data measurement is used. And, it always helps when buying to know what you're buying! In a recent article in NewMedia by Hollis Thomases, he writes about online advertising alternatives to improve response rates and visibility. Here are some excerpts from his report, which is filled with examples.

- Tall, skinny height, skyscraper ads tend to appear in the left- or right-hand margin of a Web site and convey more of a message, visually, textually, or both.

- Pop-ups range in size from a small box to nearly a full-sized browser window (interstitials) which can play mini-commercials.

- "Pop-behind" windows or "Power Ads" are typically full browser windows that are displayed behind or "under" the one currently exposed, and are only visible when the first browser window closes.

- Rich media allows the user to interact -- make selections, play games, enter information -- all without having to leave the Web site.

- United Virtualities' "Shoshkeles" are "floating" graphics that incorporate sound, are not of a standard shape, and which move across a Web page, instead of residing in a fixed location.

- Sponsorship packages provide dominance of a Web page or section of a Web site.

- Co-branded pages usually benefit both the advertiser and the publisher since content-sharing and credibility-building are the typical outcomes of such efforts.

- Text Links are easy to add practically anywhere on a site, and are so innocuous that they may not be perceived as an ad. - Text Boxes are more noticeable than a text link, with more space in which to communicate. Heavy borders and contrasting colors help to improve response rates.

- Scrolling "Ticker Tape" conveys a text message in a more eye-catching way.

- Advertorial is paid-for informative editorial space with the advertiser's "plug" and hyperlink conveniently worked in.

- Newsletter Sponsorships and Web site sponsorships dominate the advertising space of a newsletter. If available in HTML, the advertiser may get visibility in the form of both text and graphic messages.

- Newsletter Classified Ads are mostly e-mail newsletters.

- E-Mail Tag Lines (through a service) promote themselves at the bottom of every e-mail sent. Some services sell space within their e-mails.

- Search engine sponsorship links give advertisers top billing in key word query results.

- In addition to those mentioned, other online advertising opportunities include sweepstakes, contests, "microsites," interactive tools, channels, malls, online trade shows, and Webcasts.

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