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Domino's 'Friends' Strategy Will Embrace Social Media

Bill Johnson, Charlie Tames and Scott Shoyer were three guys who didn't know each other from a brick oven but they purportedly had one thing in common: they'd never had a slice of the newly reformulated Domino's pizza. So, Elena Malykhina reports, Domino's put their names on posters and billboards, used signage on trucks and even sent airplanes aloft with ads to convince the three to have a slice. It was all captured on camera, and is available for viewing at a Domino's microsite.

"We're really confident that people will try our new pizza, they will like it, and they'll even recommend it to their friends," says Domino's CMO Russell Weiner. No surprise that Johnson, Tames and and Shoyer, in fact, do like the pizza.

Domino's strategy goes beyond the mini-doc, Malykhina reports. Hoping other consumers will spread the word about the new formula to their friends, soon will have a feature that allows them to nominate friends on social networks. "We can't do this on our own and reach all the holdouts out there," Weiner says.



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