What's Thought Got To Do With It?

Search engine marketing has been an exciting career path for me, one that I feel lucky to have found when I did.  The industry is populated with thinkers and talkers.  The thinkers are terrific at talking, but do much more than participate in a conversation -- they can drive it and stimulate  participants into understanding different perspectives. 

Wouldn't it be nice to get some of the most amazing thinkers together in one room?  Imagine the conversations we could have!  Maybe we could even do it somewhere beautiful and include fun activities, so that all of thinkers can get to know each other.  This definitely sounds like a must-attend event, right?

Well, this is exactly what the Search Insider Summit is like.  Next week, I am attending my sixth Summit.  Media Post and Gord Hotchkiss have been doing an incredible job of putting this event together, each time challenging attendees and speakers to step it up to a higher level.  The greatest part of the Summit is that it isn't standard presentations followed by a question and answer session.  There is participation from all attendees, not just the Type Fs



The Summit, by design, fosters conversation.  Conversations lead to strong networking and sharing and peers become friends.  Since the last Summit in Park City, I have received and given referrals.  You see, the Summit is not about personal gains, but I've  found they come naturally with participation. 

The highlight for me from the last conference was speaking to a friend who runs a large search agency that's  always on the lookout for strong people.  I mentioned a former colleague of mine  who  now lived in his city and made the introduction. (Not naming names, but I am sure you know who you are. Feel free to call yourselves out in the comments.)  My former colleague has never been happier.

You cannot believe the amount of sharing that goes on at this conference.  The regular attendees have a unified goal of moving the industry forward.  With each Summit, I truly believe we continue to do just that.

If you are not already planning to attend next week, make sure the next Search Insider Summit is on your radar. For those who are attending, I cannot wait to talk and think with you.  Be there or be square.

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  1. Rob Griffin from Almighty, April 9, 2010 at 1:37 p.m.

    Two shout outs in 3 columns, but Aaron "the rapper" Goldman was much more direct with his... "Ahem". LOL.

    Do I still get any street cred for dropping a Booyeah? Probly not so much anymore ;-).

    As I've said before its a sad day when I miss a SIS. I have only missed two and have two kids so my excuses are valid, but it doesn't lesson the point that you, Aaron, and Gord have all made this week. SIS is a small community of movers and shakers in the SEM space.

    What really differentiates SIS to me (versus the other shows - most of which have jumped the proverbial shark years ago) is the amount of real sharing and a real sense of community. No cagey gimmicks or panels full off fluff with no meat to substantiate lessons, learnings and experience.

    Its a small event full of real people, real ideas, real experience, and a real benefit to all attendees per your example above. Thanks, by the way, but it is also just one of many examples we can point to.

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