Traditional Direct Marketing Strong

Traditional Direct Marketing Strong

A recent national study by Vertis/Webcraft, conducted by Marshall Marketing & Communications as reported by eMarketer, found that websites and internet services are increasingly being advertised through direct mail. The study reports that 48% of telecommunications readers responded to the direct mail, and 47% of those reading website/internet direct were respondents.

The report says that 13% of those receiving a regular direct mail package will go to the marketer's web site, while 27% of those identified as "internet users" will visit the site. And direct mail compares favorably with other media use among the adult respondents to the survey:
- 80% watched primetime TV in the past 7 days
- 60-70% read a magazine or newspaper in the same period
- 59% read direct mail
- 44% surfed the web

The study shows that direct mail readers are:
- under age 55 - 45% baby boomers
- earning more than $50K
- 27% single (vs 21% general population)
- 43% with children (vs 38% general population)
- 71% read entertainment direct mail

Most Responsive Marketing Methods Worldwide, 2001 (% of media buyers)
- Direct e-mail 50%
- EZine/Newsletter 23%
- Direct Mail 11%
- TV/Radio 8%
- Banners/Print/Other 8%

Source: Opt-In News, 2001

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