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Google Adds 'Similar Page Results' To Searches

Google just brought its "similar page results" onto the front page of users' search results. According to ReadWriteWeb, the move represents a "continued effort to custom tailor search results and suggest that what your [sic] searching for might actually be something else." The feature, which will now be included directly at the bottom of users' first search results page, is similar to other improvements made by Google recently, such as localizing its search suggestions list, adding search suggestions to Google Maps and suggesting a suicide hotline number for select search phrases.

"While we've certainly taken some issue with Google's personalization of search results, there are obvious benefits to the user experience as a whole," concedes ReadWriteWeb. "The difference here is that Google is not, it would seem, making these suggestions as a result of studying your surfing history and personal habits, but instead by analyzing linking structures." Well, in that case!

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