Google Searches For TV Addressability

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Google, amongst others, invests $23 million in addressable TV technologist Invidi. Wikipedia'd queries resulted in the discoveries of the following subterranean activities leading to a pandemic of addressable TV deployments:

  • Google investment shores up satcaster Dish's determination to deliver Invidi's addressable video ads to its nearly 14 million subscribers

  • Satellite platform DirecTV arduously works to maintain 2010 delivery schedule of Invidi's video addressable solutions to its 18+ million subscribers

    Satcasting coverage: 32+ million digital TV households in the U.S.

  • After much public rumination AT&T acquires satcaster DirecTV and engulfs Invidi addressable video technology as part of its core TV advertising bouquet delivering 2.5 million subscribers, and therefore joining telco rival Verizon (3.5 million subscribers) in the technology's dissemination

    Telco coverage: 6 million digital TV households in the U.S.



  • Google weds Invidi capability to its Android systems deployment across multiplatform devices i.e., set top boxes, mobile devices, TVs, ebooks

  • Dominant set top box manufacturer Motorola, another Invidi investor, builds the technology into latest models as well as mobile devices

    Multiplatform coverage minimally at 40+ million monitors

  • Comcast, Cox and Time Warner task their sales and strategy owned organization, NCC Media - whose responsibilities includes representation of commercial TV inventory for local cable, emerging media platforms, video gaming networks, as well as inventory from telcos and satcasters - to coordinate, steward and provide strategy in cooperation with Canoe Ventures for the deployment of Invidi's addressable technology (seasoned with interactive TV extensions RFI, Microsites, telescoping) and set top box measurement. Also, NCC Media is mandated to reach out to the digital terrestrial TV stations for utilization of addressable technology in an effort to expand and enrich the televisual interaction between the American video viewer and the marketing community.

    Cable operator addressable coverage upwards of 60 million TV households augmenting the number of U.S. TV households and mobile devices capable of receiving video addressable ads to near ubiquity.

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    1. Mike Einstein from the Brothers Einstein, May 11, 2010 at 11 a.m.

      As usual, Mitch, you've managed to make what nobody cares about as confusing as possible. Let me state it simply: In an on-demand world, nobody demands more ads, addressible or otherwise. We now have more potential destinations for ads than we have people to avoid them. The only scalable audience is the one that doesn't want to be reached.

    2. Jonathan Mirow from BroadbandVideo, Inc., May 11, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.

      Mike, I love you, man.

    3. Mike Einstein from the Brothers Einstein, May 12, 2010 at 1:47 p.m.


      We've got to stop meeting like this!

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