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Will Hulu Plus Miss Its May Launch Date?

Contrary to a report in last month's Los Angeles Times, there's no way Hulu is going to release a subscription-based service this month, "people familiar with the company" tell Media Memo. The story in the LA Times said to expect a subscription service from Hulu "as soon as May 24." Yet, "There's no way a Hulu Plus (as the service is being called) will be up and running by then," sources tell Media Memo's Peter Kafka.

For his part, Kafka writes: "I'm still not entirely convinced that the joint venture ... has completely settled on terms of the plan, though I think they've agreed on the broad strokes: $10 a month for access to a deeper catalog of broadcast shows and to the service on devices like Apple's iPad. (Regular Hulu, which is on a pace to generate $200 million in advertising this year, remains free)." More difficult than getting Hulu's co-owners to see eye-to-eye, adds Kafka, is getting the rights from various programming partners to sell their shows at an agreed-upon price.



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