Online Catalog Shopping Satisfaction Middle of the Road

Online Catalog Shopping Satisfaction Middle of the Road

The Millard Group's most recent Catalog Online Survey indicated that only 55% of the respondents had a good experience on the sites from which they had recently made purchases.

"With competition increasing all the time, and online buyers becoming more sophisticated, ... Web sites often no longer meet the online consumer's expectation," said Lilliane LeBel, Vice President Marketing Services.

Reported in the Coop Survey:

  • 51% indicated that the site they were surveyed about was well laid out and easy to shop
  • 49% felt that the Web site offered reliable and accurate product search options
  • 43% of customers surveyed found that they could quickly find the item they were searching for on the site.
  • 51% of customers are still not satisfied with the product descriptions they're given
  • 73% of the respondents indicated that the "zoom" feature for enlarging the photo of the item was "very important" when shopping online
  • 61% of online shoppers are very satisfied with the quality of the merchandise they purchased from the catalog sites, up from 48% in October 2003

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