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Microsoft Shows Twitter How It's Done

  • , Friday, May 28, 2010 2:15 PM
Microsoft's Future Social Experiences Labs has launched a project aimed at social-networking neophytes, and anyone else who doesn't quite "get" Twitter. Dubbed Project Emporia, the service is essentially a "recommender system" trained on like/dislike feedback, and provides users with a "lens" on their areas of interest, explains ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foly. In development since March, Microsoft describes Emporia as a way to "enable a personalized search experience over publically available social network data." Unlike other Twitter/Facebook aggregators, Emporia lets users with no Twitter account browse and find relevant tweets, according to Microsoft. In addition, "Emporia enables a crowd-sourced web search scenario through using tweets which point to web links as relevance votes for the web links thereby enabling its users to get on top of thousands of tweets at once." How could anyone not "get" that?



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