RAB Produces PSAs for Blood Drives and Disaster Relief

  • by September 19, 2001
In the wake of last Tuesday's horrific attacks, the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has produced two versions of a :30 public service announcement to assist radio stations in supporting blood drives and other disaster relief efforts. Both versions include sound bites from Tuesday's events.

One version, targeting blood drives, includes a voice tag at the end that states, "Wondering what you can do? Give blood. Contact your local blood bank for more information."

To accommodate disaster-relief drives of any kind, the second version of the PSA is customizable, allowing stations to insert information at the end of the spot that is appropriate and necessary to specific circumstances.

"Like so many other businesses and organizations, we wanted to do something," said Gary Fries, President and CEO. "These PSAs are available to all Radio stations in the U.S."

"It occurred to us that many stations may not have any public-service announcements focused on disaster relief, or may have a generic one but want a PSA tied specifically to the tragedy," noted Christa Dahlander, VP of Communications at RAB. The RAB-created spots are free for use by any Radio station at its discretion. To download a copy of either spot, go to www.rab.com and under ‘what's new,’ click on ‘disaster relief PSA.’

A number of Radio stations already have produced similar announcements. The RAB says that stations who would like to share their PSAs with the rest of the industry may post them to a special page on RAB.com. Stations can email .mp3 or .wav files to RAB to todd@rab.com.

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