Multiple Magazine Ads

Multiple Magazine Ads

In a Cahners advertising research report released on their Web site for distribution, Cahners Research analyzed 11,211 advertisements studied in Cahners Advertising Readership Studies. An analysis was made of the number of companies represented by these advertisements. These Readership Studies are conducted by mail among a random sample of readers.

Among the elements studied with regard to magazine advertising, in order to determine the extent to which companies run more than one advertisement in a single issue of a specialized business magazine they asked:

1. Do Advertisers Run Multiple Ads In Single Magazine Issues?

More than one out of every seven advertisements in a specialized business magazine is placed by a company with another ad in the same issue.
Second ad run by same company in one issue - 17%
Single company advertisement in issue - 83%
Source: CARR, Cahners Business Information,

And further, to determine if "remember seeing" is increased when two or more ads from one company are placed in the same issue of a specialized business magazine, they asked:

2. Does "Remember Seeing" Increase When Two Or More Ads Are Placed By The Same Company In A Single Issue Of A Specialized Business Magazine?

"Remember seeing" scores increase 26% when two or more ads are placed by an advertiser within the same issue of a specialized business magazine.

Remember Seeing Index Score:
Average for single insertion ads - 100
Average for multiple insertion ads - 126
Source: CARR, Cahners Business Information Cahners Advertising Research Report

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