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Not Dead Yet, Ning Explores New Models

In April, social network platform provider Ning said it was doing away with its free product, and cutting more than 40% of its staff. Determined to survive, Ning then rolled out new paid models for its platform, Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini, in May. Now, the company is announcing two partnerships, with branded product creator CafePress and social gaming startup Heyzap, to offer new monetization options to its network creators. "Custom CafePress shops can now be integrated directly into Ning Networks, offering creators the opportunity to sell branded products, like mugs, t-shirts and more, to members and fans," reports TechCrunch.

"With Heyzap, Ning creators can add Heyzap pay-to-play games onto their networks." Creators will reportedly earn 10% of all revenue from premium game purchases. Meanwhile, Ning has also partnered with Chipin to allow non-profit creators to raise funds and collect donations from members.



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