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Web Lags In Closed-Captioning

Despite the efforts of YouTube of other top video hosts, the Web still lags behind TV in closed-captioning. "Media companies say they are working hard to make online video more accessible," reports The New York Times. "But big gaps remain much to the dismay of deaf Web users ... Television episodes on, news videos on and entertainment clips on all lack captions, to name a few." The Times, meanwhile, calls "inconsistent" in its close-captioning efforts. YouTube is credited with supplying the accurate captions using voice-recognition software, while ESPN is offering captions for its live streams of World Cup matches.

Advocates are pushing Congress to pass an update to the bill that would mandate captions on any online video that has also appeared on TV, while a collection of industry groups is close to finishing a universal standard for online captions, which, according to The Times, would make it easier to adapt TV captions to other formats.



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