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Local Stations Solid For 2010

  • B&C, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:55 AM
Right now is a good time to be running a station group. After years of being stuck in neutral, automotive advertising is revving along, up as much as 60% year over year. Core business -- from local mom-and-pops, retail, restaurants -- is also cooking again. And the fall's political season looks to be so big that it will likely surpass the record amounts spent by candidates in 2008's presidential season.

The second half's earnings numbers will shine even brighter when compared to their dim counterparts in 2009. Meredith Local Media President Paul Karpowicz forecasts Meredith revenue to climb up in the high teens to 20% over last year in the second half. BIA/Kelsey forecasts $17 billion in station ad revenue in 2010, a 7.5% increase over last year, while SNL Kagan calls for an even more sanguine $20.9 billion, which includes retransmission consent revenue.



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