Consumers Still Like Shopping on the Internet

Consumers Still Like Shopping on the Internet

The most recent release of the ACNielsen Internet Confidence Index (prior to September 11th ) shows overall shopping intentions on the Internet 5 percentage points higher in the 3rd quarter than in the 2nd as reported in June. And, the Index results, when projected, indicate online spending of $16 billion in the 4th quarter of this year, compared to the results of the first wave of the Internet Confidence Index, which projected $9.9 billion for online consumer spending during the third quarter of 2001.

Of those who use the Internet less than once a day, 43% said they intend to shop online this quarter vs 29% in the June 2001 Index.

As summarized by CyberAtlas, the study shows that both light and heavy (daily) users find the Internet to be useful in accessing helpful product information, comparison shop, and providing the option to choose from a wide array of products.

Travyn Rhall, ACNielsen's Managing Director of International Research, said "The e-commerce industry is evolving with peripheral online shoppers, the lighter users, women and the less educated all exhibiting significantly greater increases in intended online spending." But, consumers still rate comfort level with using a credit card online and disclosure of personal information as perceived barriers. And, they don’t believe that buying online would allow them to find products that were lower in price.

And from eMarketer, the online buying population continues to grow, reaching 79.3 million this year, with an increasing number of consumers opting to buy from trusted names from the offline world. Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer, said "It's clear that the Internet has been accepted and is evolving as a key distribution channel -- not a separate business entity -- for traditional merchants. Moreover, the lines are rapidly blurring between traditional business operations and the Internet pure-plays."

See more at the CyberAtlas site.

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