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Rant: Google News Is Garbage!

From cloud computing to Facebook killers, Google continues to invest in countless endeavors. Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan, however, suggests that the search giant devote more energy to search. In particular, "The pollution within Google News is ridiculous," writes Sullivan. "This is Google, where we're supposed to have the gold standard of search quality. Instead, we get 'news' sites that have been admitted -- after meeting specific editorial criteria -- just jumping on the Google Trends bandwagon, outranking the actual article causing the term 'chocomize' to be popular."

Chocomize, in case you're wondering, is a Web site that lets you create custom chocolate bars, and a popular search term at the moment. No doubt, publishers exploit Google Trends to their own ends. Yet, "It shouldn't be that hard for Google to police what shows up in response to what it publishes on Google Trends," writes Sullivan. "Spam sites ought to be nabbed. AdSense sites ought to be shut down. News publishers abusing the very lucky position they have of being in Google News, by routinely tapping into Google Trends topics that aren't relevant to their publications, should get the boot."



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