College Radio Networks Rank In Top 25

  • by October 22, 2001

Arbitron Inc. today announced that Internet-only broadcaster Live365 ranked as the number one network in the Arbitron Webcast Ratings in September. Webcast networks are defined as radio station owners that stream their content online or companies that aggregate online audio programming. Webcast networks are ranked according to their total monthly aggregate tuning hours (ATH) – the total sum of hours that listeners tune to a given station.

Live365 – an Internet radio provider that enables consumers, terrestrial radio stations and organizations to create their own radio stations or listen to thousands of stations created by others – was listened for almost five million ATH. RadioWave ranked second with 900,200 ATH. Moving into the top five, Public Interactive ranked third with 759,200 ATH.

Five college radio networks were ranked in the top 25. Pacific Lutheran University ranked seventh with 212,500 ATH; Boston University ranked eighth with 187,400 ATH; Santa Monica College ranked 14th with 60,500 ATH; University of South Florida ranked 24th with 17,200 ATH; and Oklahoma State University ranked 25th with 16,900 ATH.



Some channels and stations previously reported in Arbitron Webcast Ratings did not meet the new service policies of providing Arbitron with data in a timely and consistent manner; therefore, they are not included this month. Many of these stations and channels anticipate meeting Arbitron’s policies and being reported again in upcoming months.

The rankings included in the September 2001 Arbitron Webcast Ratings are based on those stations and channels that have provided Arbitron with access to their server data. The ratings may not reflect all tuning for the measured stations or channels since Arbitron may have received incomplete server data or some data that was not usable.

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