Traffic Speeds to Auto Websites

  • October 29, 2001
Nielsen//NetRatings reports that zero percent car financing rates and other incentives drove traffic to several automotive Web properties during the six weeks ending October 21. Surfers at-home rushed to the Web properties of Daimler Chrysler, General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company and Toyota to take advantage of late fall sales. Daimler Chrysler took the No. 1 spot as the fastest growing automotive manufacturer Web site offering zero percent financing. The site skyrocketed 118% during the week ending October 21, attracting 319,000 unique visitors as compared to the week ending September 9. General Motors Corporation jumped 67% to 678,000 surfers while Ford Motor Company property grew 38%, drawing 399,000 unique visitors. Rounding out the list, Toyota posted a gain of 24% to 294,000 unique visitors during the week ending October 21.
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