Internet Radio Jazz Popular At Work

  • by November 6, 2001
MeasureCast, Inc., the company that provides Internet radio broadcasters with next-day streaming audience size and demographics reports, today reported that Jazz is becoming one of the most popular music formats among Internet radio fans listening to streaming stations measured by MeasureCast.

The company also reported that the MeasureCast Internet Radio Index – which tracks listening to streaming radio stations - rose 6% to 326 during the October 22-28 week. This was the sixth consecutive week of increases. Listening to stations measured by MeasureCast has more than tripled since January.

The Top 5
The top 5 online Jazz stations measured by MeasureCast streamed a total of 287,327 hours during the week ending Oct. 28. If these stations belonged to a single network, they would have been the number three network based on the total number of hours streamed. The stations are: (#1); Cablemusic Networks' Smooth Jazz (#8); KNIK, streamed by WARP Radio (#24); from The (#90); and Lycos Smooth Jazz streamed by RadioCentral (#107).



"Jazz streamed over the Internet is gaining popularity with office workers, explains Dale Smith, founder of "A majority of the people listening to our Smooth Jazz station tune in from work. They tell us that jazz streamed into their offices creates a relaxed mood that makes their work day a little less stressful."

MeasureCast reports show that even though fewer people access streaming media from work, their listening/viewing of streaming media is more than double that of people who listen at home. Nielsen//NetRatings Internet ratings report for the month of September 2001 reveals that nearly 56% of office workers consumed streaming media in September, reaching an all-time high during the past year.

Other facts for the week of October 22 - 28:

* Of the top 25 stations, 18 saw increases in the total time spent listening (TTSL) to their programming; 24 enjoyed larger audiences.

* 81% of all listening occurred between 5 a.m. Pacific and 5 p.m. Pacific.

* The peak listening hour was 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern), with 9% of the day's listening.

* 11% of the week's TTSL occurred over the weekend.

* The peak listening day was Thursday, Oct. 25, with 19% of all TTSL occurring on this day.

* The largest single age group listening to Internet radio last week: 25-34 year-olds (28%).

* 55% of listeners were under 35; 26% were younger than 25, and 7% were over 55.

* 70% of listeners were men; 30% were women.

* Top streaming nations include Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

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