A Heads-Up Shopping List

A Heads-Up Shopping List

A poll of 1,002 households conducted in October by HarrisInteractive for The Home Depot, found that Americans are nearly three times as likely to give practical items, such as tools, appliances or home improvement items, than luxury items, such as jewelry or expensive clothing, and will spend an average of $580 on holiday gifts.

Twenty-two percent of Americans named their spouse or significant other as the most difficult person on their list followed by 17 percent saying adult children, and 14 percent naming in-laws and mothers.

According to the poll, 62 percent of men say they would like to receive power tools, a gas grill, woodworking and lawn equipment or a small appliance this year, compared with 22 percent of men who would like apparel or other personal items.

Thirty-nine percent of women preferred apparel or other personal items, such as jewelry as a holiday gift. A close thirty-six percent of women wanted home improvement items, such as new flooring and appliances.

The report found that 37 percent of Americans say they are planning to buy gifts at a home improvement store this holiday season. And finally, the report says that thirty percent of Americans would like to receive a home improvement gift card, suggesting that a gift card is no longer perceived as an impersonal gift, but rather a guarantee of getting exactly what you want.

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