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FCC Paves Way For Faster Mobile Devices

  • Reuters, Friday, September 24, 2010 12:19 AM
U.S. regulators paved the way on Thursday for new, faster wireless devices by opening unused television airwaves for mobile broadband use. Device makers such as Dell Inc, Nokia and Motorola Inc stand to profit from the Federal Communications Commission's unanimous vote to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate on this unused spectrum. The empty airwaves, called "white spaces," were freed up during the digital transition in 2009, and consist of the spaces between existing broadcast channels.

Tech companies have lobbied to deploy a new, super WiFi system using these airwaves that would boost Internet speeds in homes, businesses, schools and municipalities, and improve connectivity for mobile devices. Broadcasters feared such use could interfere with their channels, particularly those used to operate wireless microphones that rely on for news reporting.

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