U.S. Weekly Web Usage

U.S. Weekly Web Usage

While global usage, as reported in a recent Brief, is of interest to those serving the world, active internet participants in the U.S. is of considerable use to the average, less-than-galactic, business and promotional effort. Provided by Nielsen//NetRatings Audience Measurement Service, the weekly report of the Internet universe is based on members of households, 2 years of age or older, that have access to the internet .

Week ended December 9th

Number of Sessions per Week - 6
Number of Unique Sites Visited - 19
Time Spent per Week - 3:22:58
Time Spent During Surfing Session - 32:29
Duration of a Page viewed - 00:54
Active Internet Universe - 76,205,687
Current Internet Universe Estimate - 175,119,620

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