Napster for Television

The only television I watch at school is sports. Well, probably just football. Most of the channels on my TV here have a constant white noise that can only be drowned out if I turn the volume up uncomfortably loud, so I don’t use it. But I think I may have found the solution to this problem.

I was listening to the radio in my car this summer and heard an advertisement for Slingbox. Evidently, it’s an Xbox-like console that transmits your home cable package to your mobile devices, such as an Android phone or iPhone - it's been around a while, but this is all news to me. It is also compatible with laptops, so you could essentially plug your laptop into a television and watch it just like you would at home. The best part—there’s no monthly fee.

If I had the same channels as my family back home, I’m sure I would watch it. I have always felt like basic cable isn’t worth the money. Whenever I find a channel that I want to watch, I am never surprised to see the “Call this number to order” prompt. So why not mooch of off the people who can afford to do that?

I have an Android phone and a Macbook, so I would have plenty of options. My laptop is the more realistic option because of the screen size. I just can’t imagine watching the new episode of “The Defenders” on my Droid Incredible. A thirteen-inch computer screen is plenty big for me, and I would probably invest in a cable to project it through my 26’’ TV. But it’s just $29 for each device, so why not get both?

The ability to flip through channels and watch DVR-recorded shows on a smartphone is more innovative than I initially realized. This could change the way students watch television at college. And for students like me, it may even be the difference between watching television regularly and not even watching it at all.

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