The iPad: Buying Into the Sensation...Just Not Yet.

I have no shame in admitting my passion for technology. Anything from gaming consoles, to costume built PCs, MP3 Players and devices that have yet to find a niche, I most likely own one. I bear the label of tech geek proudly and have always found myself fascinated with emerging technologies.

The problem I face though, is that I may not always have the funds on hand to invest in such lavished products. I am a student, and as the stereotype goes, financing such an addiction is not always easy as the funds are not always there. I do however get by through a well established system that involves my "toys" resale value and Ebay.

There is a product that I do not have, and as the title proclaims: it is the Apple iPad.

In my eyes, the iPad is a shining jewel that begs me to place it on my night stand, and in most cases I would be happy to oblige. However, I have found it extremely difficult to convince myself that the purchase is justifiable. This may not be the case with other consumers, as the device is not only predicted to blow by the 10 million mark this year, but that it may in fact almost double that number by year's end.



I can't, however, see myself spending over $830.00 on the device that is eerily similar to my Apple iPhone. Yes, I know the technical specifications and the implications that the tablet my have on my every day life, but is it really something that will fill a void within my habitual routines that my other devices can't satisfy?

I don't think so. It's not a computer, but more along the lines of a content viewer, an organizer for ones media content, and although it serves as a dandy replacement to my laptop for browsing the web from any where on a gorgeous 10 inch screen, it just isn't enough to get me to spend the money Apples asking for.

I've had my qualms about the iPad since its release along with many other skeptics. Its lack of camera, internal memory, third party software, UI, the lack of flash, and its absence of any USB plug ins and memory stick bays cheapened the allure that Apple had really done the impossible in creating a fully-capable PC tablet.

Regardless, this hasn't stopped Apple's latest device from being a huge hit. Despite the issues that I may have with their device, I still find it to be a incredible piece of technology needs to find itself in my possession eventually.

Which is why I wait in anticipation for the next generation of the iPad to be released. The rumors have already began to stir and I find myself waiting in baited breath for even the slightest clue as to when the next generation will be released. Some speculate that it could be as soon as 2011 and may even feature a 7 inch model.

Either way I'm looking forward to being able to get my hands on the device that I can finally call my own, and join the craze that so many are already apart of. If I happen to let my willpower slip before the next generation I'll be sure write about my first experiences accompanied by a nice picture journal.

Until next week.

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  1. Rita from FreshAddress, Inc., October 25, 2010 at 10:22 a.m.

    I bought it...and I have never looked back. Cost the same as my eyeglasses did combined and makes it so much easier to view, share and read. Although I don't need an 'all in one' unit to make calls, I can use skype. Great for air travel, the beach and train...have been more productive and I use my iphone when it would be inappropriate to pull out the ipad. I trust you will love it, too, when you convince yourself that you don't need a Masserati and a BMW will do! :)

  2. Malcolm Rasala from Real Creatives Worldwide, October 25, 2010 at 10:35 a.m.

    I would not worry. Great civilizations have been built and will be built without the iPad. The Ancient Greeks and Persions and Romans did not need iPads to build their mighty empires. Nor the British. The Founding Fathers created the United States without the iPad. Shakespeare did not need an iPad, nor Tolstoy, nor Hemingway nor Walt Whitman nor Mark Twain. Its merely a toy for people with rather shallow lives. You will not become President of America because you have or do not have an IPad or iPhone. You will not cure cancer or create a fairer better world. So do not pine. The iPad will become as redundant as the astrolabe. Ignore the PR hype. An iPad will not bring you love; its only a little toy of momentary pleasure

  3. Kevin Laverty from Verizon, October 25, 2010 at 2:26 p.m.

    Ryan, I am in the space you are. The iPad is a sleek device - like the iPhone - and each of us has to determine "at what price chic/sleek/functionality." I think it's a vast improvement for those of us interested in a larger screen for web-browsing, reading and app utilization but it's too pricey for my taste. As it evolves - and competitors up their game - we'll eventually have something for the price of a netbook that serves our purposes.

    In the meantime, use an Android or iPhone for most of the routine tasks and determine whether or not you need to spend more money for reading purposes - i.e., newspapers, books, periodicals - with a less expensive electronic option.

  4. Marcia Noyes from Healthagen, October 25, 2010 at 4:37 p.m.

    Here's your chance. We are giving away an iPad this week (on Wednesday, October 27). Just have to "like" the iTriage Facebook page and then click here to sign up with your guess as to what our 50-year-old PR Director will run an all out mile in (that would be me suffering for the team):

    Actually, I'm training to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Austin LIVESTRONG marathon and this is just one of three contests planned on the journey.

    And our ER docs will be on hand with extra oxygen and an AED, if I should need it. Not to worry!

    Marcia Noyes
    Healthagen, LLC -- developer of iTriage

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