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Fox Offers On-Air Make Goods Online

  • Adweek, Monday, November 22, 2010 12:04 AM
Fox Broadcasting, desperate to provide ad time to compensate sponsors for ratings shortfalls this season, is floating a digital solution. With the exception of CBS, all the major networks have missed some of their rating guarantees this fall, according to buyers, who say they have already demanded make goods from ABC, NBC and Fox.

And Fox, down nearly 20% among adults 18-49 so far, is deepest in the hole. Compounding the problem for the network: a lack of inventory with which to make good, given the network's high upfront sellout level this year, coupled with an hour less inventory than the other networks to sell each night. If the proposal gains wide acceptance, it could save Fox from having to return cash to clients, always seen as a last resort for both sides.



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