See Friendship

It seems like every time I log onto Facebook, they’ve added a new feature, or redesigned the homepage, or changed something else. Sometimes I like the changes they make, sometimes I hate them.

Sometimes though, I don’t even notice them right away. I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and they were complaining about some new “see friendship” thing, because they couldn’t figure out how to see the wall-to-wall between people anymore. I had no idea what this “see friendship” feature was about, so the next time I logged onto Facebook, I looked underneath a post someone put on my wall, and sure enough, there was a link that said “see friendship.”

This is my new favorite part of Facebook!

Once I click on See Friendship, I am taken to a page that tells when they became Facebook friends, has a picture of those two friends together (if one exists), their wall posts to each other, all photos they are tagged in together, a list of events they both attended, comments, and things they both like. The page also has an area to “browse friendships” which suggests a few friendships to view, and also offers a place to search for two friends and view their friendship.



Sometimes the friendships that are suggested are of two people who I didn’t even realize knew each other, so I’ll click on it just to see if they actually know each other or are just friends on Facebook. Other times it is of two friends who I haven’t seen in a while and it’s fun to see that they are still friends, or maybe to see the pictures from three years ago that were posted.

What I really like about this feature though, is that I am able to view my friendships with people. It's a nice little trip down memory lane to be able to go back through and see my pictures and events with a particular friend all from one page. It’s also really interesting to see all the things we both like listed at the bottom. There are things I have in common with some friends that I might never have known about if it weren’t for this new feature!

I’d definitely say that Facebook got it right this time!

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