Why can't we Dislike?

  • by , November 11, 2010

The “Like” button on Facebook doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

Younger generations have been very vocal about wanting a “Dislike” button that functions the same way. On a typical day, multiple groups are created as a way to petition the button into creation. But even with all of the support for a Dislike button, Facebook hasn’t acted on it.

Google has a great business model. It creates platforms and leaves the rest to the users. The customization of its products keeps people interested because they don’t get old.

Facebook periodically changes the style of its homepage, but that never gets a positive response. So why don’t they take after Google and make it more customizable. Giving its users a Dislike button is a good place to start.

Facebook’s biggest competitor is itself at this point in time. If it continues to innovate, it will continue to thrive. And after hearing all of my Facebook friends nearly beg for a Dislike button, I’m sure it would create a bigger stir than would be expected from a simple addition to each person’s profile.



Look at it as a system of reviews, similar to the customer reviews on But instead of rating products on a 5 star scale, we will look at the number of Likes and Dislikes of each group. If 2 million people Like Dell computers and 3 million people Dislike Dell computers, are you going to buy a Dell?

Probably not.

Even if the button’s only purpose is to allow the negative persona of our youth to show, Facebook should remember that the customer is always right.

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