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Onion News Network to Debut in January

  • TV Newser, Tuesday, November 23, 2010 12:35 AM
Come January, there will be a new cable news outlet in town. The Onion News Network will premiere on IFC January 21 at 10 PM, the network says. ONN is a TV spinoff of the popular Web series, which is itself a spin-off of the satirical newspaper The Onion. While The Onion mocks the newspaper business, ONN mocks the bombastic world of cable news.

Onion News Network ( brings The Onion's unparalleled brand of hard-hitting, merciless journalism to television-watching masses. As the nation's No. 1 source for breaking news, screaming political arguments and vital information on missing teenage Caucasian girls, Onion News Network will showcase the network's top-rated prime time show, a hyperactive graphics and sound effect-laden news explosion called "FactZone with Brooke Alvarez," hosted by the world's most respected news-reader.



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