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Facebook Going For Homepages

Determined to further position itself as the gateway to the Web, Facebook is asking users to make it their default homepage. VentureBeat was first to cover the social network's new "Make Facebook Home" button, which has recently begun to appear on the top of users' profiles. As they log in, users are being prompted by several pictures of their friends and a customized sentence reading, "See what's happening with Stephanie, Kim and the rest of your friends the moment you open your browser," followed by the suggestion: "Make Facebook Home." Google, Yahoo, and other portals have been pursuing this strategy for years, so it's no surprise that Facebook is getting in on the action.

"One can't help but wonder if this is an attempt to compete with Google and its seeming dominance as a homepage," writes VentureBeat. Yes, VentureBeat, it is. Still, writes VentureBeat's Cory Barbierri: "While Facebook users may be spending more and more time on the service, I can't imagine people seeing it as beneficial as Google and it's powerful search capabilities."



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