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5 Working Resolutions For 2011, Beyond

With each passing year the practice of branding becomes more challenging, clients more demanding, budgets less robust and timetables reduced. Still, as a branding professional it behooves one to cling to certain standards. The following summarizes the pillars I will strive to uphold as we enter the second decade of the 21st century.

Not to let budget limitations get in the way of brilliant solutions A downsized budget doesn't mean downsized solutions. It is easy to get caught in the trap of being satisfied with a concept that is less than optimal because the budgets are tight. Keep pushing for the best possible solution.

Never allow limited thinkers to limit my thinking You know the type -- they lurk everywhere and are quick to throw a wet blanket on fresh thinking. Remember to always be open to new ideas and a better way of doing things, and to encourage others to do the same.

To speak my mind without worrying about the consequences There was a time when I allowed others to speak for me, when being politically correct was more important than being factually correct. I will not bully, I will be open-minded to other points of view, but I will speak my mind when I have something to say.



To reenergize the entrepreneurial spirit of everyone I can influence The "can do" entrepreneurial spirit needs to be renewed and reinvigorated in our country. Our entrepreneurs haven't been exported -- they've just been hibernating. It is time to wake up and get moving again.

To finish my next book It is all too easy to work on something else rather than to complete the important work of my next book. This one is too important to let slide. Get it done!

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