Musicmatch Ranks on Top

  • December 12, 2002
MUSICMATCH moved into the top network spot for the week of November 25 with 1,069,544 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL) or Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH), according to Arbitron’s MeasureCast Ratings. Clear Channel Worldwide was ranked number two with 1,024,355 hours of TTSL. TTSL or ATH is the sum total of hours tuned by listeners to a given station or network. StreamAudio ranked number three with 717,063 hours of TTSL. MUSICMATCH's Artist Match was the top ranked individual Web channel with 259,244 hours of TTSL. Virgin Radio was ranked number two with 242,733 hours of TTSL. Arbitron’s MeasureCast Internet Radio Listening Index declined during the week of November 25 due to Thanksgiving weekend. Since January, the Total Time Spent Listening to online stations measured by Arbitron’s MeasureCast Ratings grew 109%.

Demographic Highlights for the Week of Nov. 25 - Dec. 1:

  • The peak listening day was Monday, Nov. 25, with 23% of the week’s online listening.
  • 18% of the week’s total listening took place during the weekend.
  • 86% of the measured listeners were between the ages of 18 and 54.
  • 70% of listeners were men; 30% were women.
  • In the U.S., 34% of listeners resided in the South; 30% in the West; 19% in the Northeast; and 17% in the Midwest.



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