Why Don't I Have a Twitter Account?

Lately, I have heard many reasons as to why i should get a Twitter account. I have heard that it is a great way to receive quick information from some of your favorite businesses, organizations, or your friends. However, I still am not too convinced to use my own.

I was actually required to create an account during a web design course I took this past semester. My professor though it would be a good idea to tweet what we were learning from the course during class. Then we could see our notes on Twitter. I thought this idea was pretty lame, and since I was forced to create an account I was turned off from Twitter even more. I never fully learned how to use it, although a couple of my friends have tried to show me. I kind of understand the re-tweeting concept, but not confident enough to say i know exactly what I am talking about.

Since I am not only a college student, but a senior majoring in Telecommunications, I am expected to know about the new social sites and be fully engaged in social networking itself. Well I am standing up and bravely saying, "Yes I am a millennial, but no i do not put my life into every social network that comes out!"



With all of the new ways to find information about total strangers, I have grown paranoid about having too many social network groups. One may simply advise me to just be careful of what i post, but as a young adult I cannot control everything that my friends may post, tag me in, or whatever the case may be. After a while, keeping up with so many accounts becomes a job itself instead of a social activity.

I recently have been advised to use my Twitter account to get information about careers I may be interested in. This is a new, and genuine interest and it just may be enough to convince me to become a Twitter user. I still am not excited about the change, but I am at least considering it just for that use alone.

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